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Digital/Roblox MyRagingPersona Hoodie

Digital/Roblox MyRagingPersona Hoodie

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-Join The Community "ONE OF US, ONE OF US, ONE OF US"

-(Multi-Purpose Function= Purchasing this item puts you on the list for exclusive MyRagingPersona community details & future offerings don't want to miss out on this community we are building)

-Video on how to upload the item to your character Link 

-Take this hoodie around in the metaverse in various online platforms to have a custom look and stand our from the others.

-All you have to do is purchase and a link will be sent to your email to download the item then you just upload into Roblox creator space. 

-Will be instantly emailed to you for download after purchase!

-Age 7+

-Compatible Platforms:

1) Roblox 


More platforms including minecraft, fortnite, GMOD coming soon

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