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This topic can cover so many different areas of mental health, environmental situation, external influences, inner guilt, bad choices, mental anguish. I'm still very much a person who is still walking this earth learning & making mistakes along the way and working to make sure its not fatal mistakes but there has been times when I allowed negative thinking to not only consume my mind but it affected everything in my personal reality. That was the first time in my life where negative thinking consumed so much of me I forgot how to be positive and enjoy living, spent some time in tears during that. Looping back negatively over and over again became a habit that I had to break or this post would have not been made right now in this year. Changing my mind to focusing on what I was grateful for, focusing on the fact I can become better & improve my reality, focusing on solutions that will bring smiles to people involved, focusing on actually making positive change, focusing on the fact I can go after the things I want in life, focusing on the people I love and care about, focusing on the fact there's going to be a shit load of more situations that come up that will be testing but as long as my mindset is cleared and focused I believe I can pull through. (The right therapy/therapist can be life changing no cap, please seek professional help if you or a loved one may be at the edge of possible lost of life )  Only time can tell about a lot of the things we say and do but hope you're enjoying the time you have with the people you care about and not being dangerous or super destructive against others, I will be doing more positive activities going forward. Thank you for reading from MyRagingPersona!!!!!!!

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Thank you for sharing your personal journey….You never know how far sharing your own testimonies can change someone else’s whole life. Peace and continued love!

Gertrude Brown

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