Learning how to manage yourself, your actions, your time, your thoughts and most importantly your connections and network. Who are you and what do you as an individual bring to the table is a question I ask myself when i look at everything that i have moving along, family is definitely a topic that is constantly being refined every day as babies turn 4 and then 10 and then 21 how am i managing my presence in the lives of the ones i care about. No excuses for these things especially when 10 years go by and the last memory is lost or caught up in a head bank of new information that is always being added and changed. When interacting with new people, I'm more concerned with other because I already know me its more interesting and enlightening  to experience another's perspective on things. Remember to take care of your body daily manage that accordingly, don't let it slip away for to long. Reminder to add value to individuals. MANAGE YOUR MONEY, dont ever ever ever ever let another individual have control over YOUR MONEY, keep your eyes on it.
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